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Welcome to my blog, Mindful Meanderings!

Here’s where I’ll share my thoughts on writing, fly fishing, leadership development, personal growth, and much more.

Mindful Meanderings is a phrase that entered my consciousness one morning while I was out doing my morning walk. I typically meander at least three miles early in the day. My pace is sometimes slow, sometimes fast. And every other day, I wear weights on my ankles and wrists. I feel like I need to get a jumpstart on my physical wellbeing before I sit down to my computer to write or work on my clients’ projects.

During these strolls, I become aware of the birds singing, the aroma of the flowers in bloom, and the quietness of the neighborhood. These are the times when many of my ideas for blogs, books, and beyond come to my attention. I let my mind play out possibilities and sometimes even stop to write a poem or two.

Many writers draw their inspiration from walking––including those from the past, like Kate Chopin, Ernest Hemingway, and Henry David Thoreau. They knew that they’d be so much more creative by moving their body. Researchers are now proving that walking enhances creativity. “A recent study at Stanford University by Dr. Manly Oppezzo shows that creativity increases substantially when participants take a walk” (Gale Health and Wellness).

So join me for more mindful meanderings, and I invite you to take your own walks and see how your creativity and your outlook on life can be uplifted. Let me know what you discover.

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