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Katie Ervin

Katie knew she needed to complete her book to reach more people with her incredible insight into how bad leaders can become great leaders. Her book, You Might Be an Asshole but It Might Not Be Your Fault, shows how that happens. 

Here’s the Amazon description:

“In You Might Be an Asshole but It Might Not Be Your Fault, Dr. Katie Ervin shares a solution to how we help develop the bad leaders around us. She is a firm believer that most people don’t want to be bad; they just don’t know what they don’t know. In this book, we follow the story of this type of leader. Mike was modeling the behavior he had seen throughout his life. He had early success by being an asshole; it was not until he received a leader title that his behavior caught up with him.

“The book is rooted in Dr. Katie Ervin’s research on workplace motivation and employee satisfaction. Her research and 22 years of human resources/operations experience are the roots of the book. She created a workplace model called the Catalyst Workplace Model and a leadership development program called L.EA.D.E.R.s. It is her belief that we can all be better leaders we just have to know and do the work.”

Learn more about Katie, who is CEO of Catalyst Development, at: https://katieervin.com/


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