with Kathy Sparrow

Ellen Craine, JD, LMSW, and ACSW

Our mutual friend, Cathleen Elle, introduced Ellen and me in mid-2022. Ellen needed some assistance in building more buzz around the best-selling anthologies she co-authored. 

Our work has revolved around revamping her LinkedIn profile and her website, as well as developing blogs and social media posts. 

Ellen is a Renaissance woman. She is a well-known social worker ethics expert. Through life’s trials and tribulations, she’s also done more than her fair share of primary research in the world of grief and loss. She’s a breast cancer survivor,  the mom of a son with childhood cancer, and a widow, having also lost her husband to cancer. And she’s still standing––inspiring many to keep going even when the road seems far too tough to tackle.  

Learn more about Ellen at https://crainecounseling.com/


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