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Georganne Low

This lady rocks!  Jazz singer, artist, and woman extraordinaire, Georganne and I met through a mutual friend. She and I worked together to build the buzz for her books, Resurrecting Bunny and Dancing Alone.

Resurrecting Bunny: A Wild Child’s Pilgrimage is a creative memoir–a warm greeting to the world from the remarkable life of a seasoned woman. From a long life, deeply reflected upon, it is a bright jewel offered to anyone seeking a way to evolve gracefully and with passion. An added gift is the imaginative, whimsical art that helps tell the story in full color.

Accompanied by Low’s expressive, flowing artwork, Resurrecting Bunny describes a journey of transformation through inner experience beyond any religious dogma.

Low believes that to experience wholeness/holiness in one’s essence is the birthright of every human being. It is to be found in one’s heart.

This is truly a life-changing little book and also, quite simply, a fun read, full of inspiring and juicy tidbits from Low’s incredible life. Through sometimes hilarious experiences, in its heart, this story carries a message of hope.

Low’s writing is reflective and fresh. Her tales of crazed hippie days in ’60s Haight-Ashbury are both tender, hilarious, and, of course, psychedelic! Her whimsical pen and ink drawings of everyday life in France, woven within the content, add a sparkle of charm and grace. 

However, her passion for self-expression through her singing voice is truly remarkable. Driving a beat-up old Renault to distant towns in the middle of the night, she finds jazz musicians to accompany her as she sings in French before French audiences. Her voice of courage rings throughout.

Dancing Alone is an inspiring story for those of us who wonder what might be possible as we age. The gift of romance in the autumn of life is heartening, but, in the end, the discovery of self-love is the juiciest gift of all. 

Her website is:  https://georgannlow.com/


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