with Kathy Sparrow

Don Johnson

“As soon as Kathy & I met over Zoom, I knew I had the right person to help me.  She listened. She got me and what I wanted to do. We started working together on a collection of essays I had written on Medium over the past 18 months.  She sorted through everything, organized things, started editing, and created a manuscript. 

I had times of doubt—doubting whether my book would be commercially marketable. 

Kathy kept beating the drum. You can do this.  Theres an audience for what you have to say.” 

If youre looking for someone to help you bring your dream of a book to life, Kathy is your person. She has the technical skill, experience in the publishing and writing world, the network, and interpersonal skills that glue everything together.  

Plus, shes fun! 

I enjoyed working with her because shes not only technically brilliant, but shes also a nice person!”  

Don Johnson, CEO of Integria Group and author of Living a Conscious Life: A Path to Wholeness, Peace, and Freedom


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