with Kathy Sparrow

Bo Parfet

I was introduced to Bo Parfet through my colleague and friend, Greg Voisen. Greg and I have worked on a number of projects, and this one was the most interesting and involved thus far.  Bo is an extreme sports enthusiast and mountaineer who climbed the Seven Summits––K2, Everest, etc. During his treks, which he initially […]

Don Johnson

“As soon as Kathy & I met over Zoom, I knew I had the right person to help me.  She listened. She got me and what I wanted to do. We started working together on a collection of essays I had written on Medium over the past 18 months.  She sorted through everything, organized things, […]

Christiana Egi

Christiana Egi and I met through her publisher, Judith Richardson Shroeder of Carnelian Moon Publishing, when I was presenting a workshop, Create A Book Marketing Plan that Sells!.  I’m honored to be working with her to build her buzz and support her mission to eradicate the stigma around Dementia and Mental Illness. As a Dementia […]

Stacey Kirkpatrick

Like many of my clients, Stacey and I met at a Jack Canfield training, and when it came time to write her book, she reached out.  She is one of those brave writers whose story is bound to shift the perspective of many readers who may have had troubling experiences in childhood.  Here’s a synopsis […]

Katie Ervin

Katie knew she needed to complete her book to reach more people with her incredible insight into how bad leaders can become great leaders. Her book, You Might Be an Asshole but It Might Not Be Your Fault, shows how that happens.  Here’s the Amazon description: “In You Might Be an Asshole but It Might […]

Jason D. Bland

Jason and I met over a meet and greet on LinkedIn. An executive coach, Poet Jason D. Bland is a creative thought leader in transformational leadership.  He is passionate about evoking awareness, bringing clarity, and discovering new paths to a meaningful and fulfilled life through his writing as well as his executive coaching and leadership […]

Jim Denning

Jim and I met at the recommendation of my niece, Aimee Sparrow Hadas. Jim’s book, Make It to Midnight: Learning to Live When You Want to Die, had been published in early 2018 by Christian Faith publishing and he needed to spread the word about his incredibly powerful––and much needed message. So Jim became one […]

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