with Kathy Sparrow

A Dream & A Prayer

    I woke up from a dream this morning that says it all. An evil man was pointing a gun at me, and I knew I was going to be killed. I rather hoped he would get it over. And as I crouched down with my hands over my head, I said a prayer […]

Tapping into the Energy of Your Writing

“If you surrender to your imagination, the story will write itself.” ~ T.N. Suarez It’s not often that many of us who sit down to write a book, a blog, or even a course stop to consider that each of our creations have an energy of its own.  And yet, they do.    I’ve been […]

How Hot Cycling Connects to Writing

Woman on cylce

You have to risk going too far to discover just how far you can really go. – Jim Rohn Three months ago, I returned from a visit to Japan, where I spent a week traveling with a friend before we settled into a 10-day stay with my daughter, son-in-law, and two grandsons to get a […]

Greg Voisen

Greg and I met through a mutual friend, Robert MacPhee. He had a fast-track vision for his book that we made happen. Greg’s journey is an inspiration to many of us who find ourselves traveling down the wrong career path and receive a wake-up call. In Hacking the Gap, Greg shares his journey of discovery––and […]

Mara Karpel

What Mara Says About Working with Kathy

“Kathy Sparrow, I cannot express the depth of my appreciation. Thank you for seeing the potential in me and spending the time to be my coach, helping me to find my writing voice, and for being my mentor, guiding me in the world of the written word. And thank you for partnering with me to get this book published. There will be more!”

10 Tips for Engaging Writing

Writing is often a scary proposition, especially if we feel we’re not “good enough.” If we remember that writing is a path to mastery, it’s something we can improve over time––with the right habits and mindset. Here are some ways you can create engaging essays, chapters, or blogs to engage your audience.  Be consistent. My […]

Chad Hanstedt

Chad Hanstedt and I met through our mutual friend, Angie Callen, in the fall of 2020.  Initially, Chad was a client, and I was helping him through the first draft of his manuscript for Stanky and Cece: Break the Rules.  It wasn’t long into our collaboration that it was evident that we were destined to […]

Laura Ballerini

Like most of my clients, Laura came to me via a mutual friend, Adele Fedorak.  When Laura Ballerini and I first started working together to write her book, The Green Velvet Chair: Heartfelt Stories of Art and Design in Everyday Life, my awareness of art and design all around me expanded. Laura’s stories inspired me, […]


Wren’s father and I were introduced by a mutual friend. The minute I read her poetry, I was so moved––many times to tears. For a sixteen-year-old, she possesses such wisdom.  It’s an honor to support her in her becoming a poet and in the publication of her first collection of poetry, Still Growing.  Here’s a […]

Georganne Low

This lady rocks!  Jazz singer, artist, and woman extraordinaire, Georganne and I met through a mutual friend. She and I worked together to build the buzz for her books, Resurrecting Bunny and Dancing Alone. Resurrecting Bunny: A Wild Child’s Pilgrimage is a creative memoir–a warm greeting to the world from the remarkable life of a […]

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