Chad Handsted

Chad Handsted and I met through our mutual friend, Angie Callen, in the fall of 2020.  Initially, Chad was a client, and I was helping him through the first draft of his manuscript for Stanky and Cece: Break the Rules.  It wasn’t long into our collaboration that it was evident that we were destined to […]

Laura Ballerini, a/k/a Badass Ballerini

Like most of my clients, Laura came to me via a mutual friend, Adele Fedorak.  When Laura Ballerini and I first started working together to write her book, The Green Velvet Chair: Heartfelt Stories of Art and Design in Everyday Life, my awareness of art and design all around me expanded. Laura’s stories inspired me, […]


Wren’s father and I were introduced by a mutual friend. The minute I read her poetry, I was so moved––many times to tears. For a sixteen-year-old, she possesses such wisdom.  It’s an honor to support her in her becoming a poet and in the publication of her first collection of poetry, Still Growing.  Here’s a […]

Ellen Craine, JD, LMSW, and ACSW

Our mutual friend, Cathleen Elle, introduced Ellen and me in mid-2022. Ellen needed some assistance in building more buzz around the best-selling anthologies she co-authored.  Our work has revolved around revamping her LinkedIn profile and her website, as well as developing blogs and social media posts.  Ellen is a Renaissance woman. She is a well-known […]

Georganne Low

This lady rocks!  Jazz singer, artist, and woman extraordinaire, Georganne and I met through a mutual friend. She and I worked together to build the buzz for her books, Resurrecting Bunny and Dancing Alone. Resurrecting Bunny: A Wild Child’s Pilgrimage is a creative memoir–a warm greeting to the world from the remarkable life of a […]

Grace Liang

Grace Liang has a story to touch the souls of anyone who has or is facing difficulties of loss, new beginnings, and more. While part of her journey is about coming to terms with being a widow, hers is also an immigation story – one where she fully embraced the possibility to create the life […]

Carla White

What Carla Says About Working with Kathy

“I have had the great pleasure of being coached and mentored by Kathy Sparrow. When I started with Kathy I knew I wanted to write a book but I didn’t know where to start. She expertly guided me through the beginnings when I was trying to find my writer’s voice and nurtured my resistance and struggles with firm but caring sessions. Her shared insights and knowledge allowed me to gain clarity, confidence, and excitement about being an author. I would highly recommend Kathy to aspiring and seasoned authors alike.”

~ Carla White, CCO – Chief Comedic Officer at Reignite Your Spark Tour Inspirational Comedian, Edutainer and Retreat Host, Author of Reignite Your Spark: Simple Steps to Go from Burned Out to Fired Up


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Michelle Kaplan

Michelle’s Words about Our Work Together

“To my message strategist and writing/publishing consultant, Kathy Sparrow, your knowledge, experience, and intuitiveness took a file on my personal computer with an audience of one and made it take flight into a published book into the hands of many.”

Michelle Kaplan
Poet and Author of and: A love story within and Burst & Fleurish

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Follow her on Instagram: michellekaplanpoet

Greg Voisen

Greg and I met through a mutual friend, Robert MacPhee. He had a fast-track vision for his book that we made happen. Greg’s journey is an inspiration to many of us who find ourselves traveling down the wrong career path and receive a wake-up call. In Hacking the Gap, Greg shares his journey of discovery––and […]

Tresa Leftenant

What Tresa Says About Working with Kathy

“As a brand new author, I knew little about how to write, organize, publish, or market my book. Kathy led me out of the dark and into the sunshine of owning my story and becoming a published author! She connected me to an affordable publisher and a graphic designer who created the perfect book cover. Kathy also patiently read and re-read my manuscript, adding a perfect phrase here, restructuring a sentence there, contributing to my message that continues to reap high praise from readers and attract clients to my coaching practice. She is a leader in her field and a valued key to success for new authors.”

Tresa Leftenant CFP®
Author, Speaker and Founder of