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Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching

Tutoring for All Subject Matters

Tutoring for All Subject Matters

High School, Undergrad, and Graduate Levels

Effective communication is vital–no matter what career path one chooses. With experience teaching in First Year Writing programs, developing curricula for composition and rhetoric, and sophomore literature classes, I can guide you (or your child) through the process of crafting and developing well-organized and polished college entrance essays, persuasive arguments, research papers, technical proposals, and short stories for creative writing classes, more. 

As a practicing professional writer – and university professor – I am deeply passionate about helping students meet their goals. I am steeped in the practical skills needed for writing and critical thinking. I rely on the science of success tools to assist my clients in overcoming obstacles and mindset limitations. As a Certified Canfield Trainer, I integrate Jack Canfield’s Success Principles into my sessions as well as tips for study habits, paving the way for greater achievements during our time together.

And as a non-traditional student, I know how challenging it might be to juggle the demands of work, family, and your studies. 

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About Kathy Sparrow

When I was entering high school, I was told by my guidance counselor that I’d never be a writer. I wandered through my teen years, believing that I would fail to communicate successfully in any chosen profession.

It wasn’t until one of my college professors acknowledged my gift of writing that I began believing otherwise – and I plunged into professional writing long before I even finished my degrees.  In my work as a journalist, I had conversations with artists, writers, musicians, and business people and then told their stories through personality profiles.

Then I paid it forward.  

After completing my Master of Arts in English, with an emphasis in Literature and Cultural Studies, I began teaching at the university level in classes such as…

  • Composition – I focused on teaching my students a process of conveying thoughts and building their confidence through their essays. They learned to write effective thesis statements and captivating introductions, build strong transitions between paragraphs, and end with powerful conclusions.
  • Composition and Rhetoric – The art of research and critical thinking can be an exciting arena for learning to view the world with objectivity, acknowledging our biases, and building persuasive arguments.
  • Sophomore Literature – Exploring the world of the narrative and counter-narrative can be an awakening experience – and set the stage for an appreciation of all that life offers.
  • Technical Writing – Business demands clear, concise, effective communication. White papers, proposals, product descriptions, and more are necessary for a company’s success.

The focus of these courses–writing effectively and with clarity–is vital across all disciplines.

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What my clients and students say about working with me:

“With an educational background in engineering and professional experience in aviation, I reached out to Kathy Sparrow for assistance in writing a graduate school application essay.

Following our initial discussion regarding my desired pursuit of follow-on education, she took a genuine interest in my pursuit of education and application essay. Her continued interest and efforts completely transformed my essay – from one of margin impact to one that powerfully harnessed my passion for education and encapsulated the multitude of points that I hoped to (but was unable to) convey within the essay. Her efforts not only enabled my acceptance to a graduate education program but resulted in acceptance to multiple scholarship programs and the receipt of various compliments from admissions committee personnel regarding the essay.

Since that time, I have called Kathy for assistance on a number of smaller pieces – many times working through email, internet, and phone due to an inability to get to her location prior to a deadline. She provides unmatched assistance from anywhere on your timeline and tailored to meet your needs.

Kathy Sparrow has a remarkable gift for writing and an easy-going personality that makes her an absolute pleasure to work with. She is my chosen resource for writing assistance and will be the contact that I continue to recommend to those looking for help drafting, editing, proofreading, or simply providing a second set of eyes to any important piece.”

~ Ricky Lang
former Top Gun Instructor
Medical Student at Rutgers University

“Good morning, Professor Sparrow! I wanted to reach out and thank you for all your help, support, and guidance throughout the weeks of our course last term. I thoroughly enjoyed interacting with my peers in the discussion boards, discovering my target audience, developing my own blog and social media account, as well as reflecting on my authorial voice and identity. It has truly been a pleasure working with you. I hope our paths cross again soon!

Thank you again for all your help, and I hope you have a wonderful day!”

~ Emrald


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